5 Responses to “How to install a GPS/Gizmo mount bracket on your Can-Am Spyder RT”

  1. avatar Bill Gregory Says:

    How did you route the power cable and where did you make the connection?

  2. avatar Mad Matt Says:


    I have not wired mine up yet, but there is a slot in the plastic at the back of the handlebars that goes down into the body. The Wiring diagram shows front 12v outlet, so I am guessing there is a connector under there somewhere for that.


  3. avatar Hal Mulholland Says:

    Very nice, I’ll let my E&I brother-in-law figure out the wiring !

  4. avatar Hal Says:

    I just got my cover with a great red web to match the bike. I bought it to hold the accessories not for a new bar. Do I need to do all the stuff on the directions just to put on the cover if I am not putting new bars on??

  5. avatar Mad Matt Says:


    Sorry but the Kewlmetal center console does NOT fit with the stock Spyder bars because of the quick bends the bars make. It would be a little ugly any how just because of the way the bars look. You should get the Kewlmetal 5 inch bars, OR most 7/8 quad type bars work.


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