Check out our latest LED for the Can-Am Spyder RT. This really lights up your Spyder from the back giving you an additional running light, brake light, and turn signals. Check out the installation video to see how easy installation is.

5 Responses to “Can-Am Spyder RT Run-Turn-Brake LED”

  1. avatar Jerry Haug Says:

    Where can you purchase the Can-Am spyder RT Run Turn Brake LED light kit?

  2. avatar Mad Matt Says:

    Run Turn Brake LED

  3. avatar Jerry Haug Says:

    I just finished installing this. The hole needed to be a little larger than 1/8 to get the wires to go through. Also, it was not real clear in the video that the right turn signal wire needed to be attached to the right turn signal wire. Other than that, it was very helpful in installing this and I am very please with the light.

  4. avatar Mike Nervik Says:

    I have searched all over the Can Am pages…and cant find the Run Turn Brake LED???

  5. avatar Mike Nervik Says:

    Why cant I find these in the catalog??

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